The Specialist Serum



Diminish the signs of ageing and improve overall skin tone and appearance with this anti-ageing and regenerative serum. Developed in consultation with leading Harley Street Skin Specialists, combining an advanced formula of:

·         Retinol palmitate: clinically proven to reduce facial lines and wrinkles

·         Pure Vitamin E: antioxidant properties to prevent the signs of ageing

·         Natural Concentrated Aloe Vera: a potent skin healer and moisturiser

·         SPF 6-8: to provide daily protection against the sun’s UV rays

Formulated for the most sensitive skin types and for use over the entire facial area, including the neck.The Specialist Serum visibly reduces the appearance of facial lines, wrinkles and crepey skin.The active ingredients repair UV damage, pigmentation, open pores and acne scarring, while improving overall skin tone, texture and appearance.Should you wish to add a daytime moisturiser after applying The Specialist Serum we recommend Hyaluronic Active 

Paraben-free and perfume-free. Regentiv avoids known irritants and is committed to never using raw materials or derivatives that have been tested upon animals. 

How to Use

Apply to a thoroughly cleansed skin paying particular attention to the eye area up to the lashes, the vertical lines surrounding the mouth and from the base of the neck. Allow one minute for absorption of The Specialist Serum. 

Apply twice daily for optimum results.

Even if you feel a problem is not yet visible, preventative treatment is a preferable option.

The Specialist Serum can be used alone or before morning and evening moisturisers and is wonderful for both before and after cosmetic surgery e.g. face lifts, eyebag removal, laser and dermabrasion or accidental trauma (bruising).

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