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Alima Pure

Portland, Oregon-based natural cosmetics brand, Alima Pure, focuses on creating clean, non-toxic beauty products designed for everyone. All products are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride and nanoparticles. These products were never tested on animals. They were the first color cosmetic company to become a B corporation. Alima Pure also has many sustainable efforts with their products and company. They also donate to grassroots environmental organizations.

Awake Organics

Looking to live a natural, holistic lifestyle even with your beauty products? Then, you need to check out Awake Organics. Awake Organics is a United Kingdom-based cosmetics company that focuses on making the world better by using clever, formulated, organic and sustainable ingredients. All their products are free of parabens, SLS, aluminum and petrochemicals and not tested on animals. They are certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and have featured in many news and beauty companies like Elle, Refinery29 and more. 

Emma Hardie

As the number one holistic facialist in the United Kingdom, Emma Hardie has an award-winning skincare system that suits all skin types and works with the skin’s natural functions to hydrate, firm and brighten. All products from this brand are not tested on animals, made in Britain, full of natural botanical ingredients, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and safe to use while pregnant. They also do not formulate their products with parabens, SLS, dimethicone, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, petroleum and mineral oil. Sustainability is a huge focus, with all their packaging being 100% recyclable and FSC-approved. 

FOM London

FOM London is all about fighting pollution on not only the planet but your skin as well. All their products take inspiration from nature with a huge push on sustainability. All ingredients in their skincare items are natural, while all their packaging comes from recyclable glass and cardboard boxes. Their formula assists in improving the skin’s health by boosting its resistance to damages caused by air pollution. All their products are made in England and have never been tested on animals. 


With their take on modern, minimalist fashion, JW PEI is a Los Angeles-based accessories brand that holds a huge focus on accessibility, sustainability, effortless and empowering styles. Their bags consist of vegan leather and recycled plastic. All their bags celebrate feminine beauty with fun and creative twists. 


Ethically crafted skincare line, LINNÉ, creates natural, gentle skincare products that help with a range of skin issues. They value their customer’s bodies and only use ingredients that are from plant and mineral resources. All their products are safe, non-toxic and biocompatible. They never use petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, PEG products, T.E.A., D.E.A., B.H.A., synthetic colors, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, lauryl sulfate, triclosan, boric acid or lead in any of their products. LINNÉ has multiple sustainable efforts as well as donates to green charities. 


With their use of natural, gentle ingredients, it makes sense why Odylique’s name translates to “the power of nature”. As one of the first companies to create certified organic cosmetics, they follow all safety standards and regulations. With 30 years under their belt, all their products do not contain any synthetic materials, allergens, artificial fragrances, microplastics, palm oil and more. They also have a long list of awards starting in 2006. 


New York-based skincare line, Reflekt, believes in the transformative power of a skincare routine. All their products are clean, cruelty-free, and formulated without parabens or sulfates. Reflekt also has a partnership with charities because they strongly believe in helping people in need. 


Created in 2016, Swiss cosmetics company, Sodina, has a passion for providing natural, organic skincare products. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free. The brand itself takes inspiration from the Chelidonium majus flower. They strive to have transparency and traceability with all the products and packaging. And if you want to learn more, you can join one of their workshops. 

True Organic of Sweden

True Organic of Sweden’s main goal is to provide its customers with high-quality skincare products made from organic ingredients. This brand is a member of the Natural Organic Cosmetics (NOC) Sweden. They never test their products on animals and have some vegan products. 


Standing for Ultimate Radiance + Natural Glow, Urang is a Korean skincare beauty brand that values honesty and consciousness. Their skincare line has high-quality natural, organic ingredients that are safe for everyone in the family. Urang is an EWG-certified brand. All their products are cruelty-free. 


Verso’s main goal is to not only provide people with high-quality natural products but also simplify your daily skincare routine with high-performance, easy-to-use essentials. They have a specific, proven formula that combines Vitamin A with Retinol 8. All their products are natural and have a low ingredient count. Verso has also been clinically tested and reviewed by esteemed doctors.